3 Items for Travel with Multiples

Compact and durable tandem stroller. 

We are huge fans of Phil & Teds, and Baby Jogger Brands. We've found that side by side doubles don't fit in MOST places in Europe, and are really hard to maneuver in crowds. They also attract a lot more attention, which in the high order multiples world is a NIGHTMARE.

We have a Phil and Teds Promenade (with doubles kit), Phil and Teds Vibe (with doubles kit), and just recently invested in a Baby Jogger City Select (with doubles kit and riding board). 

Compact and easy-to-use travel high chair.

My personal/all time fave is the Phil and Teds Lobster Chair. It fold nicely into a carry bag with handle, and can fit easily in the bottom of any stroller. It has a wide enough and adjustable clip that we have yet to find a table it doesn't fit. Except of course those annoying tables with a lip underneath. But, don't worry. I've recently ordered something new that can help in those cases, so stay tuned ;)


We have tried almost every baby carrier out there. we are HUGE baby wearing fans, since we have only ever had a double stroller. One baby is ALWAYS being worn. Pick your style-- back carrying, front carrying, sling...it's up to you. A carrier is a MUST HAVE, especially while traveling in high tourist areas and Europe. We have been to several museums, churches, and sites that have required us to leave our strollers at the door. That would have made us just turn around if we didn't have carriers. Walking three 2-year-olds around a museum while holding a newborn just isn't possible. We usually bring our Beco Soleil, Toddler Tulas, and backpack carrier everywhere we travel. Brandon is a HUGE fan of the backpack. I'm a HUGE fan of the Beco for Stella and Tula for a triplet. Do your research and see what will work best for you.

These are a few things I'll start you off with. PLEASE contact Big Brave Nomad if you have any specific questions, and we will be featuring more travel tips on the blog every week!


Shannon, her husband and her triplets.  (Stella, her 4th, is in her belly here)

Shannon, her husband and her triplets.  (Stella, her 4th, is in her belly here)