Our Local Bucket List

Florida’s Emerald Coast (and Surrounding Area) Bucket List

We have lived in Florida since 2012.  We lived in a sleepy beach town called Navarre up until April when we moved over to Pensacola.  During our time in Navarre, I will admit, I wasn’t locally adventurous. I felt trapped with our one highway in and out.  My kids aren’t horrible car travelers anymore, but I still wasn’t willing to risk 1-3 hours in the car with both of them screaming either. So, some of the items on the list were actually closer to us when we lived in Navarre, but now that we have quick access to I-10 – we’re exploring it all!  We know we only have 36 months in this house, so I started making our Florida Panhandle (and surrounding area) Bucket List.  Here’s what’s on it so far:


We’ve been steadily going through our list on all the weekend days we can.  We will write about our experiences as we go! And we're hoping we find more gems to add too!

What are your favorite places on the Emerald Coast and surrounding areas?  If it's not listed here, we want to know about it so we can see it!

Fly Brave.  Travel Often.  See everything.



Photo Credit of all the babies at Acadia Mill: Natalie Zepp Photography -- she's THE BEST