Having a Baby with medical concerns is hard enough.  Braving travel can be overwhelming.  We always welcome ideas/tips.

Hey there! Tavia here!  Our daughter was born with severe hydronephrosis (with 0% function) in one kidney and backwash in the other.  We recently braved a right radical nephrectomy in May 2016 to remove her non-functioning kidney.  We have never let her condition slow us down, but we have always been prepared in case we needed to get her to the hospital quickly. 

First, we have her medical records printed and in her diaper bag all the time.  After every major test or immunization, we go and have them re-printed so they are up-to-date.  It doesn't take long, but it can be crucial in getting information to doctors who aren't familiar with her condition.  If your child has a long medical history, they can put them onto a disc for you, so you aren't carrying a huge binder.

Second, we ask her doctors what they advise.  Before we took our family trip to Europe, we asked both her urologist and her pediatrician what they recommended and if she was cleared.  Both agreed and the immunizations she had had up to that point were enough to satisfy them and us. While we are the parents, these doctors have many years experience and lots of schooling, so we trust them to make unbiased, rational decisions on her behalf.

Finally, we check out the area we are traveling to.  These days the internet can provide you with very detailed maps.  It is beneficial to see where your hotel is in relation to a local hospital or pharmacy if you think you may need to visit those areas.

If you would like to see the TSA guidelines on traveling with disabilities or medical conditions, click here.

If your child has a special medical condition where they need special medication, services or equipment, we want to hear from you!  Please share your travel experiences, so the next parent who reads this will get the courage to Brave the world with you!

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