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If you have been on social media in 2016, you have seen Karen Edwards and her daughter Esmé.  The story of her family traveling the world with their baby went viral.  Well, Karen has been kind enough to share some experiences and advice with Big Brave Nomad through a little Q & A!

Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards

Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards

Big Brave Nomad: How many countries have you traveled to with your baby?

Karen: 12 countries [to include: Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam]

Big Brave Nomad: How many flights/train rides have you been on with your baby?

Karen: I really cannot count; I want to say mid 20's for flights and one long ferry

Big Brave Nomad: What do you wish you knew about traveling with children before you started?

Karen: That it is totally possible to do it with a baby!

Big Brave Nomad: What advice can you give to parents who may be hesitant to travel with their children?  

Karen: Your child should be a reflection of who you are; we weren't going to change and now hopefully are child will be just like us.

Big Brave Nomad: What is the most family friendly place you've traveled to and what made it so family-friendly?

Karen: Vietnam , the people they are truly amazing and love children, so helpful too

Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards

Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards

Big Brave Nomad: What has your family gained from travel your travel experiences?

Karen: Esmé has developed socially. Although she may not remember I feel traveling in the early stages of life has stimulated many of her senses. Otherwise as a family we have had some incredible amount of time together as a trio

Big Brave Nomad: What was the hardest travel day you've experienced?

Karen: Loosing our nappy bag with all our other valuables...including passports.

Big Brave Nomad: What is on product/item you can't travel without?

Karen: My [soft] baby carrier ... Could not survive without it

Big Brave Nomad: Are you planning to travel again soon?  If so, where's the next destination?

Karen: Yes, hopefully South Africa soon!

We are so grateful for Karen taking the time out of her busy travel/mom schedule to answer those questions for us!  If you want to see and hear more about Karen and all of her travels be sure to follower her on Instagram at TravelMadMum and on her Blog at

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Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards

Photo Courtesy of Karen Edwards