15 Awesome Ways to Entertain A Toddler While Traveling

We've traveled with a toddler.  Actually, we travel with TWO toddlers now.  We consider ourselves master toddler entertainers. HA! But seriously, we have conquered toddler boredom time and time again. OH, and while we do love a good movie, we don’t always resort to screen time to entertain our two. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective toys, books, and games that have captivated our toddlers while were trekking around the world with them. If you’re looking for ways to keep your toddler busy while traveling, you’ve come to the right place!

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Here’s a round up of the 15 Best Toddler Entertainers we’ve found!

1) Dinosaur Pack

Get your regular sized pack HERE.

Get your mini pack HERE.

You can find dinosaurs of all sizes on Amazon, but the TWO we love the most are the Medium and Small size. The small ones are TEENY, so we reccomend constant supervision with these. We normally bring 3-4 of each size and they fit nicely in the side pocket of our diaper bag or in our designated toy packing cube inside of the diaper bag. These toys are cheap, they entertain the kids for long periods of time AND they are so good to bring along to Airbnbs for entertainment.

2) Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Get yours Tegu Blocks HERE!

These things are genius. Each blog has a magnet inside, so when you stack them together they stick! We have carried these on international flights, to countless Airbnbs and all over the United States. We have 2 sets and of all the places they have gone, we’ve only lost the travel bag — probably because it isn’t magnetic! Both kids love playing with these blocks. They stack them and watch them attract and repel each other. These blocks are small enough to add to the diaper bag too!

3) Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books

Get yours HERE.

Can we get a heck yea for mess-less coloring? And a second heck yea for reusable pages? Melissa & Doug have made just that. These books use water to change the color of their pages as your child colors. As they dry, the pages return to black and white. These books are genius for travel — mess free, reusable and keep your child entertained for a while!

4) Stacking Cups

Get yours HERE.

My kids have always loved cups. As a matter of fact, I used to ask for empty cups on airplanes just to entertain my kids. BUT, bringing a small set of stacking cups on your adventures is GENIUS. Here are a few ways your kids can get a ton of use from these cups:

  1. Stacking

  2. Filling with Sand/Rocks/Water on the playground

  3. Use for washing hair/bodies in the bath

  4. Use them to make mountains to crash

  5. Use them to put other toys into

So many ways to use these bad boys and definitely worth adding to the travel toy repertoire.




5) Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Book.

Get yours HERE!

Toddlers LOVE stickers! Reusable stickers are a fantastic way to quietly entertain toddlers for a long period of time. These books offer different scenes to apply and reapply for as long as their imaginations allow!

6) Travel Train Set

Get your Travel Train Set HERE.

One of our followers suggested a train set for Toddler Entertainment while traveling. At first, I thought, “no way! That’s going to be too bulky to travel with!” BUT I did a little research. This train set is only 17.5 inches or 450mm in diameter. The average tray table on a plane is 16.5 inches. You may be able to squeeze it on!

BUT the more I thought about it, I decided to include this set and here’s why. You can bring the train and accessories onto a plane easily (without the track), but pack the track into your bag for use when you arrive. (Plus, you can easily buy extra tracks to expand the set when you are home.)

For road trips or flights, this toy would actually be very fun for toddlers to have at where ever the destination is. ALSO - this train set would be AMAZING for train travel, especially if you sit at one of the quad seats with the large table!

I have a feeling my kids are getting one of these for Christmas!

7) PlayDough Travel Set:

Get yours HERE:

Talk about a fun way to pass the time! PlayDough is not only amazing for helping develop fine motor skills, it engages little ones minds and creativity. This set comes with a convenient travel bag, containers of PlayDough and all the basics to get started creating a master piece!

If you’re worried about leaving a mess on a tray table or Airbnb Coffee Table, you can get a reusable silicone table mat HERE or disposable ones HERE.

8) Felt Play Books

Get yours HERE!

This super quiet felt book gives growing minds the chance to use their imaginations while they place farm animals around the farm! They will get the chance to see each animal and see where it fits on the farm. This book is very easy to pack, provides some quiet entertainment and encourages learning!

9) Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Activity Cards

Get yours HERE:

Much like the Water Wow coloring books, these splash cards use a water pen and the cards are reusable. Each card features a letter of the alphabet, with upper- and lowercase letters to trace and a magic-reveal animal picture to illustrate the letter sound. Not only will your child love to color, but also be exposed to the alphabet!

10) Gel Window Clings

Get your gel window clings HERE or pick some up from your local Target Dollar Spot.

Before we fly we pick up several packs of gel window clings. The kids go nuts for these on the airplane. They can stick them to the window, peel them off, stick them again. Or in my son’s case — rip the clings to shreds. We always pick ours up from the Target Dollar Spot for $1 a pack. Since each pack is cheap, I don’t mind tossing the pack after each flight.

11) Keep Em’ Quiet Travel Packs

Get yours HERE!

Use code: social for 10% off your purchase!

Keep Em’ Quiet Travel Packs are pre-packaged bags of entertainment for your little ones. You can choose between girl or boy bags AND you can choose which age range. (1-3, 3-5, or 5-10 years) This means your kid is going to get age appropriate toys and entertainment to last the duration of your trip! These bags are and absolutely perfect (and easy) way to keep your child entertained and busy without using screen time!

Bags include “toysactivitiescraftseducational itemsbooks,learning activity workbookspuzzlesgamescollectibles, healthy snacks & more - all crammed into our bespoke child-friendly rucksacks that kids love to wear!”

12) Leslie Patricelli Board Books

Get yours HERE:

We have almost every book Leslie Patricelli has written for kids. Both of our toddlers are obsessed with these books. We have at least 150 kids books in our house, but somehow these are the ONLY books our kids constantly ask us to read. They are obsessed with the stories and the illustrations. Each book has a fun story or lesson. Often our kids want to “read” these books by themselves. I highly recommend adding a few of these books to your travel entertainment collection!

 13) Color Wonder Stow & Go

Get yours HERE!

This is for all the toddlers out there who love to color & draw! This kit may be a tad bulky for plane travel, but if you have a large bag it could work! However, for a long car ride, this kit is amazing. It comes with a coloring book & 4 mess free markers. What makes this particular set so toddler friendly is that the markers only color on the special color wonder paper! This means if your child goes rogue and starts coloring all over their carseat or on the airplane tray — no harm is done! I love that this set is self contained. You can buy additional blank pages for free coloring or other color wonder coloring books to stash inside the kit!

14) Clip Connect

Get yours HERE!

We haven’t used these personally, but they come highly recommended. (I am thinking Santa may bring a bag of these to our house)

- Link together pieces while improving independent play, hand eye coordination, spatial skills and dexterity. Great for sensory development, occupational therapy and autistic individuals.

Comes with a reusable travel bag & 100 pieces. This means, if you lose a couple along your travels, no sweat! It also means you can pack 10-20 pieces instead of all of them to save space and weight!

15) Kindle

Get yours HERE:

I would be kidding myself if I tried to pretend our kids never watch movies or play electronic games when we travel. We received this Kid’s Kindle last year for our son’s first birthday. I absolutely love that its indestructible and if they break it, it gets replaced. You can load movies, games, or apps onto it. You do not need the internet to access your stuff either.

Easy-to-use parental controls allow parents to personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage.

As always, we love your feedback!! What are your go to Toddler Entertainment ideas for travel?

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Get ready to travel with your Toddler! We have compiled the complete list of Toddler Entertainment for Traveling. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel
Get ready to travel with your Toddler! We have compiled the complete list of Toddler Entertainment for Traveling. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel
Get ready to travel with your Toddler! We have compiled the complete list of Toddler Entertainment for Traveling. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel

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