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Essential Oils for Travel: Passport with Ningxia Red, a purse, a roller & Spray Bottle

Our family *tries* to use all natural everything and eat organic any time we can.  In striving for this more natural approach to day-to-day living, we came across Young Living Essential Oils.  At first, I thought Essential Oils were hocus pocus.  The engineer in me thought there was no way OIL was going to help me with sleep, digestion, or boost my mood/energy.  It HAD to be a placebo.  So, I took the challenge and bought a Premium Starter Kit.  The first night, I cracked open a bottle of Lavender, put some in my diffuser and, much to my dismay, it was the best night of sleep I had had in AGES.  I was hooked from that sleepFULL night on. 

Once our kids came along, our need for EOs was proved yet again.  We're talking sleeping through the night while they were congested, helping support their digestive track through potty training, helping support their skin with all of the inevitable booboos.  And guess what?!?!?  I know EXACTLY what is going onto their little bodies.  There are no harmful chemicals and no toxic synthetics or fragrances.

When we travel, we travel with an arsenal of Essential Oils.

All About Essential Oils


Here are our Top 10 Essential Oils & Essential Oil Based Products for Traveling with Kids:

  1. Lavender: Can’t go anywhere without this. I use it for sleep, skin, relaxation, etc. Some refer to Lavender as the "swiss army knife of Essential Oils" and I would have to agree. My husband has used it to help relieve razor burn while we were in Prague, I diffuse it at night for sleep on the road, I add it to the kids bath water to help them relax before bed, and it's a go-to for beach vacations to help with overexposure to the sun.

  2. Gentle Baby: This is one of the only oils that settles my son. He sleeps so much better with this oil. We apply it to the bottoms of his feet to help him calm and sleep. I keep it in our diaper bag for tantrums and melt downs. YL says, “Gentle Baby™ is a soothing blend of pure essential oils with an aroma that invites a sense of calming for mothers and children.”

  3. Immupro: Can anyone say JETLAG? This will for sure be in our bag for every single trip this year. I plan on using it to help us all fall asleep quickly and stay asleep as we transition to new time zones, not to mention to help boost all of our immune systems as we're exposed to new environments. Immupro is a powerful chew tab with Melatonin (less than 5mg!), which studies have shown aids in falling asleep faster and getting more restful sleep. (Read about ALLLLLL the incredible benefits of Immupro HERE and GET YOU SOME GOOOOOD SLEEP.

  4. KidScent Tummgize: We keep this on hand to help support our kid’s digestion! I prefer to use this over OTC supplements for babies/kids. You never know where you'll be when one of the kids picks up a stomach ache; be prepared with Tummygize.

  5. KidScent Owie: I have 2 toddlers who are feral. They run/climb/fall and always gets bruises, cuts and scrapes. We use Owie on all their boo-boos. This blend is EXCELLENT for skin support.

  6. KidScent Snifflease: Kids are walking/breathing petri dishes and this helps keep those snotty noses at bay. This is the GO-TO oil we use when our kids have the sniffles – helps keep them clear and able to sleep at night when they are sick.

  7. Thieves Spray: As stated above: Kids = Petri Dishes. We spray down #allthethings everywhere we go. I use this especially on shopping carts and I spray down restaurant tables/highchairs. I also had to spray this directly into C’s mouth after I caught her licking a trashcan in Target. #reallife ***I use both YL's pre-made and I make my own 😘

  8. Deep Relief: Have you ever worn a baby? Have you ever carried around a 23lb dead weight all day? I have. AND sometimes I wear both kids at the same time. (That's about 55lb of baby) I keep this gem handy because carrying around two kids all the time hurts my shoulders and back. Deep Relief SAVED ME on our last Europe trip.

  9. Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier: We don’t use antibacterial gel anymore. We use Thieves everything. This stuff is AMAZING and it’s got that amazing Thieves scent. Needless to say, one stays on the diaper bag, in my purse and in my car. Public places are nasty and I don’t want my hands to carry all that around.

  10. NingXia Red: This is a whole-body nutrient infustion for health and wellness support. It helps with energy support, normal cellular function, normal eye health, & 1 ounce of NingXia Red has more antioxidants than eating 8 oranges, 4 lbs of carrots, 2 cups of blueberries, 2 cups of raspberry and you get the picture... NingXia also helps prevent against oxidative stress, formulated with wolfberry AND is a powerful antioxidant. Every single member of our family takes one ounce (I take 2 ounces) every single day of our trips to help combat any yuck!

Save Money, Travel More

We LOVE finding ways to save money, but still live a natural lifestyle.  More money in our pocket is more money we have to spend on what we love most: Travel. 

Premium Starter Kit

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