Big Brave Nomad is a place for real and honest travel recommendations for parents. Whether you're going on a road trip with your special needs child or looking to travel while pregnant, we offer tips, packing lists, and resources to make your trip stress free

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Everyone is included.

Big Brave Nomad believes that every family should travel and that includes families who may have some extra needs.  If you are a family of multiples, physical/mental specialty or special medical needs we welcome you to contribute to Big Brave Nomad. Your input will help so many others who are ready to Brave the World, but may need a confidence boost.

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The Nomads

We are committed to bringing you up-to-date advice from parents who have previously Braved the skies, roads or trains.  All of our guest Bloggers will have their own individual experiences and that's what makes Big Brave Nomad different.  Your experience won't be exactly the same as mine, so having a variety of views is important to us.

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Real Travel Stories & Advice

The blog is where our fellow Nomads and I will post recent travel, tips, photos and advice.  All of our information is based on experiences from our journeys around the world.

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