25 Travel Must Haves for Babies & Toddlers

We've traveled with a baby.  We've traveled with a toddler.  We've traveled with a baby AND toddler.   We've also traveled with a lot of crappy products and a lot of REALLY HELPFUL products. 

Here a list of the 25 BEST products we have used while traveling with our kids!

1) Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray:

Get yours HERE!

Thieves is a travelers BEST FRIEND.  The hand purifier goes on the same as your typical hand-sani, BUT it has no harsh chemicals OR synthetic fragrance.  "Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier is an all-natural hand purifier designed to cleanse and refresh the hands. Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier can be used by adults and children to keep hands clean and promote good hygiene, without the use of water. Dermatologist tested." This is something we use after Subway rides, public bathrooms or anything where we have to touch a public space."

Thieves® Spray is ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleansing to protect from dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. This small bottle is perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse or backpack."   We use this mainly on restaurant tables, high chairs and shopping carts!!  YOU CAN NOT TRAVEL WITHOUT THESE!! ....well, you can, but you'll prob be sick at some point after ;)  #youllthankmelater


2) Eddie Bauer Fashion Heather Back Pack:


Get yours HERE:

This backpack is EVERYTHING.  We tried regular diaper bags, over the shoulder bags, regular backpacks, backpacking packs, etc.  NOTHING WORKED.  Everything got disorganized, there wasn't sufficient space for baby/toddler needs, etc.  Now that we have a Baby & Toddler, we needed something functional.  This clips to our stroller, keeps bottles warms, holds a foldable toilet seat/diapers/wipes/toddler wipes/extra clothes etc.  It has been AMAZING to us!


3) Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera:

Get yours HERE!

We had a bulky DSLR and it was too much to carry it while we had our kids with us.  My husband found this gem.  It is compact, fits in our diaper bag nicely, is easy to carry with a shoulder strap, easy to change lenses and very easy to use.  I highly recommend this camera to anyone with children.

4) DockATot (Grand and Deluxe):

Get your Grand HERE and your Deluxe HERE.

Ahhhh the infamous DockATots.  Read (HERE) all about how we LOVE and Travel with our DockATots every single time we go anywhere; from one night away to 2 months away. 


5) Seedlings Baby Wipes:

Get yours HERE:

These wipes are incredible.  They are thick, smell delicious AND are toxin free FOR REAL.  When we travel these wipes are a multi-use for us!  1) They are perfect as a make-up remover and Lavender is GREAT for your skin (win-win) 2) We use them as dryer sheets.  We have to do laundry almost everyday when traveling with babies and these keep nasty toxins off our clothes and leave them smelling FRESH 3) Butt Wipes (self explanatory) 4) They are perfect to freshen up smelly shoes, backpacks or luggage.  I usually take my used make-up remover wipes and put them where I need something to smell good -- no need to waste!

6) ChooMee Sip'n'soft Tops:


Get yours HERE!

These caps CHANGED EVERYTHING for us. From day-to-day errands to 10-hour long haul flights.  Your kids can no longer squeeze a pouch and get it EVERYWHERE.  Save yourself the mess and get these right now.  They are durable and THEY WORK.  We're on our second toddler using these, so we know a think or two!  They are easy to rinse clean and small enough to carry on-the-go.  AND THE TRAVEL CONTAINER IS AMAZING! 

7) Dual Charging Port (Car & Home):

Get your car charger HERE and your home charger HERE!

Often my husband and I need to charge our phones at the same time OR we need to charge a phone & device simultaneously. Both of these are small and great for travel.  We have one of each and I love how the wall charger's prongs fold in!


8) SniffleEase:


Get yours HERE:

Kids get the sniffles.  And sniffles on vacation is the pits.  I never know when my kids may start sneezing, coughing and or get a runny nose, so we ALWAYS keep SniffleEase on hand.  This is a pre-diluted Essential Oil Blend specifically for kids to help keep the Sniffles under control.  We personally use this on both of our kids (11 months and 2) and it has helped our kids sleep since their noses aren't clogged at night!

9) Packing Cubes:

Get yours HERE!

Packing cubes save marriages and vacations alike.  Every person in our family gets their own packing cube in the suitcase, which makes packing/unpacking very easy.  We also keep one stocked with wipes/diapers, one with snacks, one with electronics, one with charging cords, etc.  These cubes range in size from tiny to large enough for several pairs of jeans.  My husband also uses a special kind of cube for shoes, so our clothes don't get ruined!

10) Graco Folding Travel Toilet Seat:


Get yours HERE:

We recently potty trained our daughter, but she is still small, so the adult toilets in public restrooms could swallow her whole AND when I am alone with both kids, its hard for me to hold her up while holding my infant.  This seat is AWESOME! (if a toilet seat can be awesome. HA!)  It folds down tiny, fits on every toilet we've tried, is easy to clean and it stays put.  If you have a young toilet user, get this!

11) Baby Jogger 2017 City Select LUX Double Stroller:

Get yours HERE!

We have traveled to 7 countries and mannnnny states with our Double City Select.  IT has a convenient travel bag, the seats go every direction, it folds down easily and is VERY durable. You can also put an infant seat OR bassinet PLUS the second toddler seat!  If you want to use it as a single, simply remove the second seat.  This stroller is a MUST for any family with one child who knows they'll have a second or any family with multiples or two+ young children.  There is also a skateboard attachment for a third child to ride!  Those little legs get tire, so give them a break!


12) Oogaa Baby Silicone Bowl with Lid: 


Get yours HERE!

These silicone bowls are microwavable, oven safe, freezer safe, unbreakable and AMAZING for travel. The lid (possibly the best part) is easy to put on and stays on!  We like to bring ours on-the-go with freshly cut fruit for a long car ride or a day of touring around.  You can bake in them, refrigerate them, microwave leftovers, etc.  PERFECT for toddlers!






13) Orb Travel Diffuser:


Get yours HERE!

We diffuse essential oils for sleep for everyone in our family, so when we travel, we diffuse as well.  We love this Orb Travel Diffuser because it can be plugged into the car or a wall outlet.  We diffuse our favorite calming oils in the car on a long drive and we diffuse each night to help support deeper, more refreshing sleep.

14) Earth Mama Organics Milk-To-Go Pumping Companions:


Get yours HERE!

We were lucky enough to be on Earth Mama Organic's Bump Squad in 2016.  The company sent us this amazing package with a cooler bag to store milk, Booby Tubes to warm tender breasts and support milk let down, Natural Nipple Butter to help protect nipples during pumping, Milkmaid tea to support milk supply, and Happy Mama body wash to clean all the pump parts with.  I personally used this bag to carry my pump and brought home milk in it!  I love it! I highly recommend this package to any traveling nursing mama!

15) Headrest Tablet Mount:


Get yours HERE!

We love having the our iPad mounted in the car.  It allows our daughter to watch movies on long trips, but also not be able to exit out of the movie 3957329 times.  We have also used this mount on airplanes by mounting it to the tray table so she can watch while we fly.  This particular mount can adjust to fit many different tablets!

16) Lavender Essential Oil:

Get yours HERE:

Lavender Essential Oil is considered the "Swiss army knife" of Essential Oils.  We never ever leave home without it; whether we are going to Target or Poland, it's with us. We use it for everything from supporting a more restful nights sleep, helping to heal boo-boos, calming down the craziness in the car or as an on-the-go "aftershave" for my husband.  This is a go-to for us!

17) Loved By Sophia Claire Braided Leather Pacifier Clip:


Get yours HERE!

I normally wouldn't be such a diva about something like a Pacifier clip, but these are amazing.  They can get wet, the clips stay tight and they are very durable.  We have lost too many pacifiers while traveling and these help us keep track!  We attach them to baby in the morning and voila! No more lost paci! We bought one in 2015 and we still use it! (plus, we have a few extras now too!)

18) Soft Baby Carrier (Ergo Baby OR Tula):

Get your Ergo Baby HERE or Toddler Tula HERE:

We SWEAR BY OUR BABY CARRIERS!! As a matter of fact we have THREE and we still wear both our infant AND our 2.5 year old.  It makes traveling a million times easier.  When I travel alone with my children, I wear one and push one in the stroller.  When I only had one baby, my carrier made zipping through airports a breeze! We own (and love) an Ergo Original, Toddler Tula (higher back for bigger kids), and an Ergo Performance! 

 Ergo Original

Ergo Original

 Toddler TUla

Toddler TUla

19) Easynight Portable Travel Blackout Blind:

Get yours HERE!

Our daughter used to sleep with a blackout curtain at home, so when we traveled we would try and rig up a blanket over the window and keep it dark. Once we even bought a legit blackout curtain and hung it.  WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THESE SOONER?!?!  These are GENIUS for anyone who likes a dark room; they suction to the window and are compact enough to bring along!

20) Munchkin Miracle 360 Stainless Steel Cup:


Get yours HERE!

Normally, I wouldn't suggest a particular cup, BUT this cup is special.  We love the 360 cups and this one HAS A LID.  So when your running through the airport and it falls on the floor or it touches something unfavorable in your diaper bag, the part your kids mouth is one is clean.  ALSO, the stainless steal cup trumps the plastic version based on durability and ability to maintain heat/cold.  My daughter likes ICE WATER and if I can keep it cold for a couple extra hours, WIN!

21) Homedics Portable Sound Spa (AKA Small Sound Machine)


Get yours HERE.

At home our kids sleep with white noise via their giant box fans, but we can't bring those with use each time we travel, so we use these!  We even bring them ON THE PLANE and IN THE CAR to help our kids settle to sleep while we are in transit!  I also keep it in the stroller for on-the-go naps while we are out sight seeing.  It has helped TREMENDOUSLY!





22) Augie & Lola Waterproof Travel Bag:

Get yours HERE!

About a year ago I was selected to be a Brand Enthusiast for Augie & Lola.  I wanted their Essential Oil bags, but little did I know it would be the Wet Bags would WIN ME OVER. These bags are big enough to hold several spare outfits (for TWO kids), they clip easily to the stroller or diaper bag, they are machine washable, and of course, they are waterproof.  I have put a lot of miles on our bag.  It's saved us after MANY blowouts, an unexpected discovery museum water incident, and many spills and accidents that left my kids clothes soaked or nasty.  We LOVE this print too!

23) Baby Dan Extended Length Travel Bed:

Get yours HERE!

We wrote an entire blog on different sized Travel Cribs (HERE), but we came across the extended length travel cribs in Europe and knew we needed one.  Our toddler was too long for a regular pack-n-play, but not old enough to sleep in a bed.  As soon as we returned home, we bought one and it has been AMAZING.  It folds up about the same size and weighs the same as regular size.  Every parent of toddlers NEEDS THIS NOW.

24) Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water:


Get your Nighttime blend HERE and your Daytime HERE!

If you are on a long car ride or flying on a 10-hour flight it can be exhausting to constantly put a pacifier in or quiet a crying baby.  We use Gripe Water by dipping our pacifiers into the liquid before giving it to our babies.  They would usually take their pacifiers easily and hold them in much longer.  When our son was very young we also used the nighttime blend to help calm him at night whether we were traveling or not. We have used Mommy's Bliss with both of our children and it has been wonderful to have while traveling.



25)  Clear Tape:

Get yours HERE!

This is one of the most random things ever, but having tape with you is a very cheap, light weight way to baby-proof a hotel room or Airbnb.  Ideas: Cover outlets holes, tape up curtain cords, keep doors from latching shut so that children can't lock themselves in anywhere or to shut doors more quietly at night. 

Having a baby?  Register for these awesome travel products PLUS get a completion discount!  Your family and friends will thank you for making it a one-stop shop! (AND if your family has Amazon Prime, they won't have to foot the bill for expensive shipping, which means more money to spend on your new baby!)

As always, we love your feedback!! What are your MUST HAVE travel products for traveling with a baby or toddler or BOTH? 

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