Big Brave Nomad is a place for real and honest travel recommendations for parents. Whether you're going on a road trip with multiple children or looking to travel while pregnant. We offer tips, packing lists, and resources to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

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Big Brave Nomad is a family travel website & blog run by myself, Tavia.  I am committed to bringing you up-to-date advice from parents who have previously Braved the skies, roads or trains.  All of our guest Bloggers will have their own individual experiences and that's what makes Big Brave Nomad different.  As parents, your experience won't be exactly the same as mine, so having a variety of views is important to me.   I am a mother to two precious, chubby kids.  Charletta, my daughter, is 2 and Latham, my son, is 1!  I have been married for six and a half wonderful years to my main squeeze and military man, Jimmy.  I started my adult life as an officer in United States Air Force where I served 5 amazing years.  During my service, I was able to travel the world and meet so many people.  After my second deployment we got pregnant.  While pregnant, we found out that our daughter had some medical issues and once she was born, we realized that daycare wouldn't be an option.  So, I left my career to stay home and care for our daughter.  Over the past 2 years we have traveled to 10 countries and 20 states with our kids in tow.  I have always loved to travel, but now that I have two little Nomads to share it all with, I love it even more.  I hope this site helps you Brave the skies (and roads) and I can't wait to see where life takes you.



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Here at Big Brave Nomad we are constantly trying out new products for flying with kids, roadtrips, hotel hacks, day drips, on-the-go feeding and basically anything travel related.  If you would like us to try your product, send us a message with your information!

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The Blog: Real Travel Tips, Advice & Experiences

The blog is where our fellow Nomads and I will post recent travel, tips, photos and advice.  All of our information is based on experiences from our journeys around the world.

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