20 Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Travel

Do you ave a travel lover in your life? I’ve put together a list of 16 affordable travel gifts that are perfect for every woman wanderlust you know. From a weekend getaway to their first trip around the world, this list is going to help make her travel easier, lighter and more enjoyable. This easy online gift guide makes buying travel gifts for every woman you know easy! Simply click the image or the title of the gift idea to have the gift mailed straight to your door. No more spending hours walking the aisles of the mall, then leaving empty handed.

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Here are 20 Easy Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Travel

1) A Scratch off Map!

This is a perfect gift for ANY traveler. Who’s NOT counting their countries visited these days? Let your inner wanderlust free by scratching the map as you go! Help her show her travels for all to see!

2) A Powerful External Battery

Never let your phone die again. This powerful external battery can charge two devices at once. It can also charge an iPhone up to 7 times, charge an Ipad, Ipad Mini, Android or even e-readers. With an 18-month warranty and a built in multiprotect safety system, what’s not to love about Anker?

3) tile

Friends don’t let friends lose their keys or their backpacks or their laptops. Don’t let your travel lover lose their stuff! We learned the hard way that lost keys can be EXPENSIVE to replace. Tile is changing that. With the quick download of an app, your belongings can be GPS located AND they will sound an alarm so you can find them by noise as well. Every travel lover knows that securing your belongings is paramount, so give them some extra protection with Tile.

4) Addalock Portable Door Lock

Whether you’re traveling alone or with company, having the peace of mind that you are secure while you bathe or sleep is paramount. Having used a door security on my travels, it is undisputed that I feel safer, sleep better and have a better trip knowing I am safe in my most vulnerable moments. Considering this door lock takes up virtually no space in luggage, it’s a no brainer for travel!

5) Shampoo Bars

You read that right. The world is changing and so is shampoo! These are shampoo bars! They save travelers space, weight in their bag and money. They are more eco friendly; producing much less plastic waste. They last longer than bottle shampoo too! These little bars use far less (or no) additives and detergent than regular bottled shampoo which means they leave your hair feeling much healthier. Give your travel lover the gift of flawless hair and don’t forget to snag the resuable tin as well!

6) Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will change the way you travel. Don’t let your travel lover travel without them. They not only keep all of your belongings organized, but they also help pack down your clothes. This leaves you with more space in your bag for souvenirs, an extra pair of shoes OR maybe now you can actually fit all your stuff in a carry on! Cha Ching! No more checked bag fees! Stay organized & compact with packing cubes!

7) Passport Wallet

Make everything easier by having all your travel documents in one place. This RFID blocking wallet holds tickets, a passport, credit cards and cash. This wallet is perfect for not only the long travel days, but keeping your identifying documents with you and safe on your day to day travels!

8) Travel Wrap & Blanket

This wrap is absolutely perfect. Not only is it a stylish way to travel, it doubles as a blanket. Get comfy on your next flight, train or roadtrip. When you’re at your destination, wear it as an accessory!

9) An international SIM Card

On of the most important travel items is a SIM card that works where you are traveling. You will spend tons of money on International plans through domestic carriers, but Travel Sim is changing that. You head to the website, pick the plan that works for you, order the card and simply insert the SIM into your phone! Voila! You can track your usage on their website, so you never run out! Don’t be left in the dark. Stay connected with family, friends, and your phone’s GPS!

10) A Compact Rain Jacket

A good rain jacket is imperative for any travel. No more juggling of carrying a bulky umbrella and pulling heavy luggage. This jacket can be stowed easily in a backpack when it isn’t being used. This is a practical gift that can be used day to day around the world!

11) Dreambly Wash/Dry Sheets

With checked baggage becoming so expensive, it only makes sense to travel light with a carry-on only. But lugging heavy detergent from place to place is also annoying. Enter Dreambly wash-dry sheets. These things are game changing. Pop one sheet into the wash to clean your clothes and then move the same sheet to the dryer for the dryer sheet. Genius!! Best part: they are chemical free!

12) Travel Journal

Help your travel lover keep their memories fresh in their minds by writing down their adventures, delicious meals, mishaps, and newly discovered places. Keeping a travel journal is amazing for looking back and reliving experiences. This travel journal has thick, quality paper and pouches to collect ticket stubs or small memories.

13) Dual Voltage Hair Straightener/Curler

Change the way you travel with a dual voltage straightener (or curler). Instead of needing a bulky converter, all you need an adaptor to get the look you’re going for. A perk of this specific straightener is the extra long swivel cord; keeping it from getting tangled or damaged on your travels.

14) An Auduble Subscription

Audible is a monthly subscription to access over 450,000 audiobooks. The first month of the membership is free. Members get one free audiobook a month, 30% off additional audiobooks, plus 2 free Originals a month. For anyone who suffers from motion sickness or wants to road trip, Audible is the perfect gift. Now your favorite traveler can listen to a thriller or romance novel while fulfilling their wanderlust.

15) Travel Mini Hair Dryer (Dual Voltage)

This hairdryer is AHMAZING! Not only is it dual voltage for use anywhere, this hairdryer is TINY. it is absolutely perfect for travel. Don’t judge it’s size, this little dyer packs a punch and does a fantastic job!

16) Life Straw Water Bottle

If you’re traveling internationally, this type of water bottle is a life saver. You can fill it with water from any tap and drink knowing your water is safe for consumption. Save the planet by using less plastic water bottles and save your stomach from a nasty stomach bug due to bad drinking water!

17) Travel Jewelry Organizer

Keep your necklaces tangle free as you travel to your next destination. This little organizer can hold 5 necklaces, 15 pairs of earrings, has a 2 padded ring loops and a pouch to store jewelry accessories such as extra earring backs. It’s compact and easy to travel with!

18) Wine Skin Portable Wine Bags

Find good wine while traveling? Bring it home with you! These bags make traveling with bottles of wine so easy. They protect the bottle from breaking, but in the off chance they break, the bag is sealed to keep the liquid contained within the bag. So, bring home the gift of wine for everyone you know!

19) Mini Clothes Steamer

Never worry about wrinkle clothes while you travel again. This dual voltage steamer may be small, but it packs a punch! Its 1.4 ounce water tank heats up in under 15 seconds making your morning routine short and sweet! So you can now roll your clothes to save space, but not have to worry about a wrinkled blouse at you next business meeting!

20) World Traveler Charm Necklace

Help her celebrate her love for travel with a gorgeous necklace. Who says travel isn’t beautiful?

You’re going to the be the star of gift giving this year. Share the wanderlust with these awesome travel gifts. Which on is your favorite? Do you have any go-to items you want to see on this list? Let me know!




Do you ave a travel lover in your life? I’ve put together a list of 16 affordable travel gifts that are perfect for every woman wanderlust you know. From weekend getaway to their first trip around the world, this list is going to help make her travel easier, lighter and more enjoyable. #mothersday #travellover #travelgiftguide
Do you ave a travel lover in your life? I’ve put together a list of 16 affordable travel gifts that are perfect for every woman wanderlust you know. From weekend getaway to their first trip around the world, this list is going to help make her travel easier, lighter and more enjoyable. #mothersday #travellover #travelgiftguide


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