Best Travel Apps for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Best Travel Apps for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Charletta playing on her Kinds

While screen time with toddlers can be a controversial topic, I allow both of my toddlers access to iPads when we travel.  Whether in the car, plane, or train.  For me, it isn’t about quantity, but quality.  Are they mindlessly watching movie after movie or are they learning the alphabet, counting, shapes or colors?  I recently asked several other mothers in my Moms Love Travel Facebook Group what applications they love for their preschool age kids. I compiled their answers and below you will find the most recommended apps for toddlers.

I absolutely love our iPad Mini., but we also use a Kindle Fire. Both are great for toddlers or preschoolers.

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First things first, let’s talk safety.  With the recent Momo scare, unexpected pornography, and adults plugging suicide into children’s videos, we cannot be too careful when our children are using technology.  Here are 2 ways to protect your preschooler from accessing inappropriate content.

For more information about travel safety, check out our 6 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe on Vacation.

Guided Access

For us personally, we use the built-in “Guided Access” feature on Apple products.  This feature allows parents to disable different features of the iPad to include: volume control, exiting the current application, screen orientation, an app opening a second web browser, or using the home button to leave an application.  This feature is amazing and has really allowed us to control where our toddlers go inside the iPad.  It has also stopped chubby fingers from exiting the movie 84920485 times.


Our friend’s over at Wanderlust Crew told us about this application.  It allows parents to set time limits for use and what applications the child can use.  This may be helpful for a child who wants to move from game to game.  Once the time is up, the technology becomes unusable.  This application also has a GPS feature which allows you to track your child should they wander off with the phone or iPad.  If you have older children, check out this blog about The Best Travel Apps for Kids.

The Kids watching their Kindle on a flight

Save Money

Another tip is to not download every app immediately.  In order to save money downloading a variety of apps is to download “Apps Gone Free.” This app shows you which apps have been discounted or are free for a limited time.  If you have patience, you could slowly get all of the Preschool apps this way.

FREE Educational Apps for Toddlers

Kahn Kids

Kahn Kids is an app for children ages 2-6.  It encourages reading, math, social-emotional development, language, and motor development through a variety of games, books, songs and activities.  Cost: FREE

Bible App for Kids

This interactive application takes your preschooler through the big stories of the Bible.  It’s full of colorful illustrations, engaging content and kid-friendly navigation to bring the Bible to life.  Cost: FREE

Many off these Apps require sound. I highly reccomend these Toddler Safe Headphones.
The Kids with their headphones & ipads playing games.

Paid Educational Apps for Toddlers

ABC Mouse

This app is based off of the award-winning program that covers reading, math, etc for children ages 2-8.  You can download apps individually or as a bundle.  Cost: There are two membership options for ABC Mouse: $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year. 


Starfall is a series of applications for preschoolers. From recognizing letters and numbers to connecting them to real world objects.  The applications include Starfall ABCs, Starfall I’m reading, Starfall Numbers, Starfall All About Me, etc.  It was started to help children learn to read and evolved into a community of applications.  Cost: $0 - $4.99 per application

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is the #1 rated preschool app in the app store.  This toddler app teaches colors, shapes, matching, letters, counting and sizes.  Preschoolers interact with an animated monkey who helps them along.  Cost: $1.99

The kids playing on their iPad

Endless Alphabet

Set your preschooler up for reading success with Endless Alphabet.  This app helps teach the ABCs and build their vocabulary.  Each word features puzzles, talking letters, and a short animation to help illustrate the definition.  Cost: $8.99, Save by Bundling All of the Endless Apps for $59.99

Endless Numbers

Your toddler will be ahead of the curve by learning number recognition, numerical patters, simple addition, quantities & sequences.  Each number features a puzzle and animation that provides context and meaning to each number.  Cost: $8.99, Save by bundling ALL of the Endless apps for $59.99

Teach Your Monster to Read

This app will cover the first two years of learning to read.  Starting with matching letters and sounds to enjoying short books.  The app includes all three games: First Steps, Fun with Words, and Champion Reader.  Cost: $4.99

Yum Yum Letters

This app teaches your little one how to write letters using a gentle approach to teaching handwriting.  Kids will learn letters, letter names, sounds and demonstration of letter formation by following a caterpillar, smiling snowflake or a fluffy spider.  Cost: $3.99

Yum Yum Numbers

Much like Yum Yum Letters, this application walks little ones through counting and writing letters 0-99.  Using the same positive reinforcement as Yum Yum letters, parents are able to track their child’s progress within the app.  Cost: $3.99

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Game Apps for Preschoolers


Your preschooler will love playing with their new Sago Mini friends!  This app takes your child on and adventure through space, forests, building a robot, driving a firetruck, designing a monster, deep sea diving, and even becoming a superhero.  This app has won awards such as, “Parent’s Choice Gold Award” and “Academics Smart Choice Award.” Cost:  App starts at $3.99 and bundles for $19.99


This series of apps is based off the physical Lego Duplo toys. Each app is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers develop fine motor skills, understand the world around them, better express themselves and increase vocabulary.  From building houses to designing trains, your little one will love these games.  Cost: FREE

Check out this LEGO DUPLO Airport Set, perfect for Little Travelers!


There are two choices with PBS; PBS KIDS Videos or PBS KIDS Games.  Both apps are free.  The games app offers over 100 games that encourage learning math, science, creativity, reading, and more.  The video app allows children to stream their favorite PBS shows right to their device. (In order to stream videos you will need Wi-Fi or 3G)  Cost: FREE

Magic Fingers

Toddlers and preschoolers will love using the over 50 different effects to create their very own artwork!  As a fun way of expanding their fine motor skills and imagination, this app provides 10 finger multi-touch input to create super colorful images.  Cost: FREE

Charletta playing on her Kindle Fire

I have found that these apps are best for an older 2-year-old to a school age child.  Younger babies may enjoy applications such as Smart Baby or Baby Bubbles.

What apps do you keep on your device for your toddler?  Share in the comments so we can all try it out.

If you’re looking for NON-Tech Entertainment, check out this post on 15 Ways to Entertain a Toddler While Traveling and check out this super cool Kids Travel Journal as a fun way to get your kids interacting with your trip!

If you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself while traveling, I highly recommend Audible. We swear by audio books on long drives and long flights.

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We’ve compiled the best travel apps for toddlers and preschoolers. From matching to spelling, writing letters and recognizing words; these apps teach it all. #familytravel #toddlerlife #toddlertravel
We’ve compiled the best travel apps for toddlers and preschoolers. From matching to spelling, writing letters and recognizing words; these apps teach it all. #familytravel #toddlerlife #toddlertravel
We’ve compiled the best travel apps for toddlers and preschoolers. From matching to spelling, writing letters and recognizing words; these apps teach it all. #familytravel #toddlerlife #toddlertravel


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