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Greenville, South Carolina

The only photo we took with all of us.  It was a very hard day for me.

The only photo we took with all of us.  It was a very hard day for me.

Background: Unfortunately, the first night in Greenville, I received a call that will change the course of my life forever.  One of my older brothers died.  It was (and still is) a very surreal feeling.  I wasn’t sure how to act, I wasn’t sure if we should head home early or stay, whether to try and enjoy myself or sit at the apartment and cry.  Together, Jimmy and I decided to stay.  We knew there was nothing we could do to change what had happened.  My family was already lining up all of the events and I wasn’t set to go to Texas for another 4 days.  With all of that said, I decided internally to allow myself to grieve, process, but also enjoy this last day of quiet with my family of 4.


Day 1: Downtown Greenville (Main Street) & Trio Italian Eatery

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As soon as we drove into Greenville, I knew I was going to love it.  It is a city with a small town feel.  Our drive in took us past the downtown area which was decorated for Christmas.  Our apartment was brand new and close to everything.  We quickly settled in and headed for downtown to explore and eat some dinner.

Since we visited Greenville the day after Thanksgiving, the downtown area was bustling with families.  We had to pay $5 to park, but there was no limit on our time.  We stopped for food at Trio – an Italian eatery with delicious brick oven pizza.  This place does not mess around and their bread before dinner is AMAZING.  I recommend this place for any family or anyone wanting some satisfying comfort food and Italian wine. 

After dinner, we perused main street.  They had street performers, gorgeous Christmas decorations, and we really liked walking through Mast General Store.  Across from Trio is a pedestrian friendly area with a large fountain.  We stopped there for a while and let the kids run.

Day 2: Sully’s Steamer, Falls Park on the Reedy, Liberty Bridge, Medusa Tree, Children’s Museum of the Upstate, Grill Marks, Roper Mountain Holiday Lights

Medusa Tree

Medusa Tree

This was our full day in Greenville.  I wanted to make the most of everything, but also wanted to take it slow since I was emotionally drained.  We decided to start the morning downtown with breakfast at Sully’s Steamers.  They have homemade steamed bagel sandwiches which melt in your mouth.  HIGHLY recommend a stop here.

We walked from main street down to Falls Park on the Reedy.  It was a very easy walk.  We started exploring by taking a walk across Liberty Bridge and taking in the views of the falls.  The suspension bridge is beautifully done and very stroller friendly.  We saw several runners pushing strollers and we also had two strollers on the pedestrian bridge.

After the bridge, we asked around to find an elevator to get down to the falls. The Elevator is located by the PNC bank and Spill the Beans Café.  It will take you down to the paths and water.

Feeding the ducks on the Reedy

Feeding the ducks on the Reedy

We walked along the pathways, down to the lower part of the park and let the kids run free.  We walked along the river, down to the waterfalls and fed the ducks, then headed over to the incredible Medusa Tree.  This tree grew into the side of a hill and its entire root system is exposed.  The tree is a wonder photo opp and great learning opportunity for grade school children.

We started our walk back toward main street and decided to try and find some of the “Mice on Main” which are tiny little bronze mice statues hidden up and down Main Street. We found two of the ten with the help of a local.  This would have been a lot of fun with older kids and gives everyone something to look for!

We walked down Main Street to the Children’s Museum of the Upstate.  If you only have time for one thing in Greenville with kids – GO HERE.  We have been to several museums in the US specifically for children and this one moved right into the number one spot.  They have things for every age group from crawlers to big kids.  There is seriously something for everyone here.  Latham played until he fell asleep and Charletta spent a solid 2 hours running 90 mph around every single attraction and climbing their incredible central tower.  When we left the museum she passed out in her stroller for almost 2 hours and slept through lunch!

This is our freak shake from Grill marks

This is our freak shake from Grill marks

After some quick research, we decided to have lunch a Grill Marks. They did not disappoint.  There was a line out the door, but it was worth the wait.  Not only are their hamburgers some of the best we’ve ever had, their specialty French fries were delicious, BUT their desserts stole the show.  We ordered a Salted Caramel & Heath Bar Crunch Freak Shake.  Nothing I ever say will do that creation justice, so I will just leave a photo to make your mouth water.

Once we were good and full, we headed back to the apartment for some down time before we ventured out to the famous Roper Mountain Holiday Lights.  It was their final time showing their lights after 26 years, so we were sure to get in line early.  We waited about 35-40 minutes in the car before being led into show.  It was totally worth the money.  We drove the whole thing, then decided to get out and walk the walking show.  The kids loved the balloons, the light shows, and the hot chocolate.  The best part about Roper Mountain is you can go around and see the lights as many times as you want, so we did the drive one more time before we left.

Needless to say, both of our kids slept solidly through the night.

The next morning, we packed up and headed back to Florida and back to reality.  If you ever get the chance to visit Greenville, we give it a 10/10.  It left nothing to be desired because there is truly something for everyone. 

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  1. Grill Marks
  2. Trio Italian Eatery
  3. Sully's Steamer


  1. The Children's Museum of the Upstate
  2. Falls Park on the Reedy
  3. Mice on Main
  4. Medusa Tree


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