25 Travel Must Haves for Toddlers and Baby

Are you looking for must have items for traveling with a baby? We've traveled with a baby.  Are you looking for travel must haves for toddlers? We've traveled with a toddler.  We've traveled with a baby AND toddler.   We've also traveled with a lot of crappy products and a lot of REALLY HELPFUL products.  We have created a gift guide for baby travel must haves that will make travel easier both physically and mentally. Don’t be bogged down with irrelevant products and too much baggage; let us help with tried and true travel products for toddlers and babies!

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Here’s a list of the 25 BEST products for traveling with kids!

1) Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaperbag:

Get yours HERE:

This backpack is EVERYTHING.  I would rank this as an absolute must have when traveling with baby. We tried regular diaper bags, over the shoulder bags, regular backpacks, backpacking packs, etc.  NOTHING WORKED.  Everything got disorganized, there wasn't sufficient space for baby/toddler needs, etc.  Now that we have a Baby & Toddler, we needed something functional.  This clips to our stroller, keeps bottles warms, holds a foldable toilet seat/diapers/wipes/toddler wipes/extra clothes etc.  It has been AMAZING to us!

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2) GB Pockit Stroller

Get yours from Target HERE! (5% extra off for RED CARD)

Get yours from Amazon HERE!

We have traveled to 5 countries and mannnnny states with our GB Pockit.  The compact fold is incredible. This stroller FITS UNDER THE AIRPLANE SEAT. You read that right, you can bring it as a carry on and slip it under the seat in front of you. We love this option because it means no more broken strollers and we don’t have to wait for a stroller on a layover. This stroller is so compact that it is easily carried with one hand and would fit in most large day bags if you didn’t want to use it the entire time. We swear by this stroller.


3) Soft Baby Carrier (Ergo Baby OR Tula):

Find it on Amazon — Ergo Original HERE or Toddler Tula HERE:

Find it on Target (get 5% off with REDCARD) — Toddler Tula HERE or Ergo Original HERE.

We SWEAR BY OUR BABY CARRIERS!! As a matter of fact we have THREE and we still wear both our 2 AND 3 year old.  It makes traveling a million times easier.  When I travel alone with my children, I wear one and push one in the stroller.  When I only had one baby, my carrier made zipping through airports a breeze! We own (and love) an Ergo Original and TWO Toddler Tulas. The Ergo Original is able to be worn up to 50lbs and the Toddler Tula up to 60lbs. The toddler Tula is a MUST HAVE for flying with toddlers. Soft baby carriers are must haves for traveling with baby.

Toddler TUla

Toddler TUla

Ergo Original

Ergo Original

4) Homedics Portable Sound Spa (AKA Small Sound Machine)

Get yours HERE.

At home our kids sleep with white noise via their giant box fans, but we can't bring those with use each time we travel, so we use these!  We even bring them ON THE PLANE and IN THE CAR to help our kids settle to sleep while we are in transit!  I also keep it in the stroller for on-the-go naps while we are out sight seeing.  It has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Sound Machines are non negotiable baby travel items in our house.




5) Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera:

Get yours HERE!

We had a bulky DSLR and it was too much to carry it while we had our kids with us.  My husband found this gem.  It is compact, fits in our diaper bag nicely, is easy to carry with a shoulder strap, easy to change lenses and very easy to use.  I highly recommend this camera to anyone with children. Don’t lost precious memories to an iPhone image, let this bad boy take some high quality vacation images for you! A Sony A6000 needs to be at the top of your best baby travel products list!

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6) DockATot (Grand and Deluxe):

Get your Grand HERE and your Deluxe HERE.

Ahhhh the DockATot.  Read (HERE) all about how we LOVE and Travel with our DockATots every single time we go anywhere; from one night away to 2 months away. 

You can also use THIS LINK to get $10 off your DockATot.

7) Preparakit (Take Along First Aid Kit):

Get yours HERE:

Having a first aid kit when traveling with kids is a MUST. You never know when you’ll need to cover a booboo on the go. Preparakit is our go-to for travel first-aid kits. They offer 2 convenient sizes; Take Along (larger) and the Mini-Take Along (Smaller). I usually pack both. The mini easily attaches to our diaper/carry on bag. I love that it comes with bandaids of all sizes and even includes stickers for the kids. This is a MUST have in any diaper or travel bag!

8) Best Travel Sippy Cup & Toddler Water Bottle

For Baby:

Munchkin 360 Stainless Steel SIppy Cup

Get yours HERE!

Normally, I wouldn't suggest a particular cup, BUT this cup is special.  We love the 360 cups and this one HAS A LID.  So when your running through the airport and it falls on the floor or it touches something unfavorable in your diaper bag, the part your kids mouth touches remains clean.  ALSO, the stainless steal cup trumps the plastic version based on durability and ability to maintain heat/cold.  My daughter likes ICE WATER and if I can keep it cold for a couple extra hours, WIN!

For Toddler:

Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Get yours HERE!

As I said before, we love the stainless steel cups because they keep the kid’s drinks cold for longer. They are extremely durable and also NOT plastic! A win-win-win!


9) Kooshy Kids Kooshion (Travel Pillow)

Get yours HERE:

Use code: BBNOMAD for 20% off your Kooshion

This inflatable travel pillow has been AMAZING to us. We have taken it on long road trips, on long flights and even camping with us! We use it to prop up the kids feet in the car, we inflate it on planes so they can lay flat to sleep, and we used it as a side table in our tent! It takes less than a minute to inflate or deflate, is easily packed into a carry-on bag and is VERY well made. We tried another brand before this, but were impressed with the quality of this Kooshion! Use code BBNOMAD to get 20% off a Kooshion for your little traveler!

10) Cosco Scenera NEXT Car Seat:

Get your travel car seat HERE.

Travel car seats are a MUST have. If you are flying to grandma’s house or across the world, NO ONE wants to carry a 35lb car seat through the airport while wrangling kids. We love these so much, we have TWO of them. Our toddlers love them too. As a matter of fact, for long road trips, we install these in our car over our larger more expensive car seats because the kids love them. The Cosco Scenera NEXT weighs about 10lbs. These car seats are approved to be installed on an airplane too & fit almost all airline seats.

This car seat is approved for rear facing up to 40lbs. It is very easy to install.

11) ZOBO Carseat Travel Bag

Get yours HERE!

I accidentally found this travel bag when Babies-R-Us was going out of business. (moment of silence for THAT happening) Anyway, I looked at it and assumed it could likely fit BOTH our Cosco Scenera NEXT car seats into ONE bag. This would make flying and checking out carseats SO MUCH EASIER. Well, we got the bag home and BOOM - THEY BOTH FIT. Do you understand how helpful this is?! The bag is amazing. We have flown with it several times with TWO carseats in the ONE bag and it’s lightweight, has wheels and is easily checkable.

If you’re flying with 2 carseats — just click the link and buy this bag and save yourself so much trouble.

12) CARES Harness - Child Airplane Travel Harness

Get yours HERE:

We have two of these. They have saved me sanity SO many times. I fly alone with my two toddlers more than I fly with help. These harnesses are FAA approved and a very smart replacement for bringing a car seat on a plane. Both of my kids are extremely active, but they think they are in a carseat with these. The harnesses are very simple to install, they keep the kids in the correct sitting position AND they fold up TINY. I can put both in my diaper bag without losing space for other items. These harnesses have allowed me to use the restroom during flight, bring my daughter to the bathroom while my son stays in his seat, etc. Keep your children safe during unexpected turbulence and give yourself some needed airplane freedom!

 13) ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Tops:

Get yours HERE!

These caps CHANGED EVERYTHING for us. From day-to-day errands to 10-hour long haul flights.  Your kids can no longer squeeze a pouch and get it EVERYWHERE.  Save yourself the mess and get these right now.  They are durable and THEY WORK.  We're on our second toddler using these, so we know a think or two!  They are easy to rinse clean and small enough to carry on-the-go.  AND THE TRAVEL CONTAINER IS AMAZING! 

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14) Packing Cubes:

Get yours HERE!

Packing cubes save marriages and vacations alike.  Every person in our family gets their own packing cube in the suitcase, which makes packing/unpacking very easy.  We also keep one stocked with wipes/diapers, one with snacks, one with electronics, one with charging cords, etc.  These cubes range in size from tiny to large enough for several pairs of jeans.  My husband also uses a special kind of cube for shoes, so our clothes don't get ruined!

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15) Toddler Friendly Headphones

Get yours HERE:

We love it when our kids use their headphones when we travel. On long roadtrips they can watch their own movies and we can listen to our music up front. On the long-haul flights they love watching movies on the headrest in front of them, so having their own headphones has helped keep the peace! For babies and toddlers, it’s imperative that they have limited volume and unbreakable headphones. We found some we love at Target, but they stopped making them. BUT, fear not, I have scoured the interwebs and found some very similar to ours!

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16) Charging Accessories:

Get your car charger HERE and your home charger HERE!

Often my husband and I need to charge our phones at the same time OR we need to charge a phone & device simultaneously. Both of these are small and great for travel.  We have one of each. The Car charger not only charges multiple devices at once, but the cord is 5ft long, so you can charge devices up front and in the backseat at the same time. SO great for road trips. We love this particular wall charger too because we can charge 2 phones with one plug!

Anker ExternaL Battery

Anker ExternaL Battery

Get Your Anker External Battery HERE:

The Anker external battery allows you to charge your phone or electronics while you are out and about. We have often needed to keep a phone charged up while were touring — the Anker fits easily in a small backpack pocket to charge on the go.

Remarkably Compact: One of the smallest and lightest 10000mAh portable charger. Provides almost three-and-a-half iPhone 8 charges or two-and-a-half Galaxy S8 charges.

17) SniffleEase:

Get yours HERE:

Kids get the sniffles.  And sniffles on vacation is the pits. If you’re still trying to navigate parent life without Essential Oils…you’re working too hard. I never know when my kids may start sneezing, coughing and or get a runny nose, so we ALWAYS keep SniffleEase on hand.  This is a pre-diluted Essential Oil Blend specifically for kids to help keep the Sniffles under control.  We personally use this on both of our kids (11 months and 2) and it has helped our kids sleep since their noses aren't clogged at night!

For more info about how Essential Oils can help you and your family or travelling with Oils, check out our Oils + Travel Page!

18) Graco Folding Travel Toilet Seat:

Get yours HERE:

Our daughter is still small, so the adult toilets in public restrooms could swallow her whole AND when I am alone with both kids, its hard for me to hold her up while holding my infant.  This seat is AWESOME! (if a toilet seat can be awesome. HA!)  This seat folds so small it goes in the side pocket of the Diaper Bag Backpack we use (Item one on this list) — AND we recently did several hikes with this bad boy. Our daughter will not go potty anywhere but ON A POTTY, so when we’re 4.5 miles away from one in the middle of the woods, this has saved our sanity. Prop it up on two logs & BOOM - toilet made!

19) Oogaa Baby Silicone Bowl with Lid: 

Get yours HERE!

These silicone bowls are microwavable, oven safe, freezer safe, unbreakable and AMAZING for travel. The lid (possibly the best part) is easy to put on and stays on!  We like to bring ours on-the-go with freshly cut fruit for a long car ride or a day of touring around.  You can bake in them, refrigerate them, microwave leftovers, etc.  PERFECT for toddlers!






20) Earth Mama Organics Baby/Toddler Travel Toiletry Kit:

Get yours HERE!

Earth Mama is a company founded on the belief that Earth is our pharmacy. All of their products are non-toxic, all natural and organic. I LOVE Earth Mama & this little travel kit is perfect for babies & toddlers alike. The kit comes with Baby Wash, Nose/Face Balm, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil and the AMAZING Diaper Balm (my absolute favorite cream for diaper rash). This particular kit comes with the reusable PVC free travel bag; protecting your baby and your luggage all at once!

21) Headrest Tablet Mount:

Get yours HERE!

We love having the our iPad mounted in the car.  It allows our daughter to watch movies on long trips, but also not be able to exit out of the movie 3957329 times.  We have also used this mount on airplanes by mounting it to the tray table so she can watch while we fly.  This particular mount can adjust to fit many different tablets!

22) Loved By Sophia Claire Braided Leather Pacifier Clip:

Get yours HERE!

I normally wouldn't be such a diva about something like a Pacifier clip, but these are amazing.  They can get wet, the clips stay tight and they are very durable.  We have lost too many pacifiers while traveling and these help us keep track!  We attach them to baby in the morning and voila! No more lost paci! We bought one in 2015 and we still use it! (plus, we have a few extras now too!


PSST, if you’re using MAM Pacifiers, you can get these to attach them to this clip:


23) Augie & Lola Waterproof Travel Bag:

Get yours HERE!

About a year ago I was selected to be a Brand Enthusiast for Augie & Lola.  I wanted their Essential Oil bags, but little did I know it would be the Wet Bags that would WIN ME OVER. These bags are big enough to hold several spare outfits (for TWO kids), they clip easily to the stroller or diaper bag, they are machine washable, and of course, they are waterproof.  I have put a lot of miles on our bag.  It's saved us after MANY blowouts, an unexpected discovery museum water incident, and many spills and accidents that left my kids clothes soaked or nasty.  We LOVE this print too!

24) Baby Dan Extended Length Travel Bed:

Get yours HERE!

We wrote an entire blog on different sized Travel Cribs (HERE), but we came across the extended length travel cribs in Europe and knew we needed one.  Our toddler was too long for a regular pack-n-play, but not old enough to sleep in a bed.  As soon as we returned home, we bought one and it has been AMAZING.  It folds up about the same size and weighs the same as a regular size.  Every parent of toddlers NEEDS THIS NOW.

25)  Clear Tape:

Get yours HERE!

This is one of the most random things ever, but having tape with you is a very cheap, light weight way to baby-proof a hotel room or Airbnb.  Ideas: Cover outlets holes, tape up curtain cords, keep doors from latching shut so that children can't lock themselves in anywhere or to shut doors more quietly at night. 

As always, we love your feedback!! What are your MUST HAVE travel products for traveling with a baby or toddler or BOTH? 

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Get ready to travel with your baby or toddler or both! We have compiled the complete list of baby essentials when hitting the road. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel
Get ready to travel with your baby or toddler or both! We have compiled the complete list of baby essentials when hitting the road. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel
Get ready to travel with your baby or toddler or both! We have compiled the complete list of baby essentials when hitting the road. Travel easier and with peace of m ind as you NAVIGATE the world with these helpful products! #travelwithkids #familytravel

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