The Absolute Best Baby Travel Must Haves

Are you looking for must have items for traveling with a baby? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I have traveled with a lot of crappy products and a lot of REALLY HELPFUL products.  To save you time and money, I have created a guide for baby travel must haves that will make travel easier both physically and mentally. Don’t be bogged down with irrelevant products and too much baggage; let us help with tried and true travel products for toddlers and babies!

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The Top 15 Baby Travel Must Haves

1) Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaperbag:

Get yours HERE:

This backpack is EVERYTHING.  I would rank this as an absolute must have when traveling with baby. We tried regular diaper bags, over the shoulder bags, regular backpacks, backpacking packs, etc.  NOTHING WORKED.  Everything got disorganized, there wasn't sufficient space for baby/toddler needs, etc.  Now that we have a Baby & Toddler, we needed something functional.  This clips to our stroller, keeps bottles warms, holds a foldable toilet seat/diapers/wipes/toddler wipes/extra clothes etc.  It has been AMAZING to us!

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2) Mountain Buggy Nano

(The Best Travel Stroller for Baby)

Get yours from Amazon HERE!

We have traveled to 23 countries and mannnnny states with travel strollers.  The compact fold, 5 point harness, one hand fold, under basket, large sun shade, and full recline are IMPERATIVE for traveling with baby. The Mountain Buggy Nano has everything you want when traveling with a baby. This stroller FITS IN THE AIRPLANE BIN. You read that right, you can bring it as a carry on. We love this option because it means no more broken strollers and we don’t have to wait for a stroller on a layover. So, when you’re tying to decide what stroller to bring when you’re traveling internationally with a baby; this is it. I so wish this stroller had been on the market when my first kid was a baby.


3) Soft Baby Carrier (Ergo Baby OR Tula):

Find it on Amazon — Ergo Original HERE or Tula Baby HERE:

Find it on Target (get 5% off with REDCARD) — Tula Baby HERE or Ergo Original HERE.

We SWEAR BY OUR BABY CARRIERS!! As a matter of fact we have THREE and we still wear both our 3 AND 4-year-old.  It makes traveling a million times easier.  When I travel alone with my children, I wear one and push one in the stroller.  When I only had one baby, my carrier made zipping through airports a breeze! We own (and love) an Ergo Original and TWO Toddler Tulas. The Ergo Original is able to be worn up to 50lbs and the Tula Baby (not the Toddler Size) from 15 to 45lbs. Soft baby carriers are must haves for traveling with baby. These are the best baby carriers and need to be on your infant travel checklist. NOTE: You will need an infant insert for a small baby with the Ergo Original and an infant insert for a Tula Baby for babies 7-15 pounds.

Ergo Original

Ergo Original

4) Homedics Portable Sound Spa (AKA Small Sound Machine)

Get yours HERE.

A noise machine is one of my top recommended travel items for baby. We bring our portable sound machine ON THE PLANE and IN THE CAR to help our kids settle to sleep while we are in transit!  I also keep it in the stroller for on-the-go naps while we are out sight seeing.  It has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Sound Machines are non negotiable baby travel items in our house and at the top of the list for best travel items for baby.

5) DockATot (Grand and Deluxe):

Get your Grand HERE and your Deluxe HERE.

Ahhhh the DockATot.  Read (HERE) all about how we LOVE and Travel with our DockATots every single time we go anywhere; from one night away to 2 months away.  The Dockatot is imperative for everyone to get good sleep when we do international travel with a baby. We use it on the airplane and at the Airbnb.

You can also use THIS LINK to get $10 off your DockATot.

6) Best Travel Cup For Baby

Munchkin 360 Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Get yours HERE!

Normally, I wouldn't suggest a particular cup, BUT this cup is special.  We love the 360 cups and this one HAS A LID.  Two solid tips for traveling with a baby on a plane: don’t let your baby put its mouth on anything and keep their items from touching anything. This cup does that. It’s lid prevents it from touching any questionable surfaces.   ALSO, the stainless steal cup trumps the plastic version based on durability and ability to maintain heat/cold.  My kids have always loved ICE WATER and if I can keep it cold for a couple extra hours, WIN!

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 7) ChooMee SoftSip Pouch Tops:

Get yours HERE!

These caps CHANGED EVERYTHING for us. From day-to-day errands to 10-hour long haul flights.  Your kids can no longer squeeze a baby food pouch and get it EVERYWHERE.  Save yourself the mess and get these right now.  They are durable and THEY WORK.  These pouch tops are perfect for babies learning how to eat. They are easy to rinse clean and small enough to carry on-the-go.  AND THE TRAVEL CONTAINER IS AMAZING! 

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8) Packing Cubes:

Get yours HERE!

Packing cubes save marriages and vacations alike.  Every person in our family gets their own packing cube in the suitcase, which makes packing/unpacking very easy.  We also keep one stocked with wipes/diapers, one with snacks, one with electronics, one with charging cords, etc.  These cubes range in size from tiny to large enough for several pairs of jeans.  My husband also uses a special kind of cube for shoes, so our clothes don't get ruined!

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9) Breast Milk Cooler & Formula Containers:

Get your Breast Milk Cooler HERE.
Get your Formula Containers HERE:

One of the tips for traveling with a baby on a plane or on a long road trip is to make bottle making EASY. This means have your milk or formula easily accesible. These will help you.

For breastfed babies, I recommend this awesome little cooler. I used this with both of my kids. It keeps your milk cold and keeps all of the bottles together inside your diaper bag. This cooler comes with a grooved ice pack for keeping bottles cold and 5 5oz bottles with no caps instead of nipples.

For formula fed babies, I love these formula containers. These containers allow parents to divide out the formula into predetermined amounts for easy on-the-go bottle making. But the best part? These can also be used as small snack containers when baby starts solids! I am always looking for ways to prevent waste, so I love this idea!

10) Best Baby Travel Monitor

Get yours HERE:

Travel monitors are good to have in larger spaces like Airbnb homes and when you go to visit family over the holiday. Anytime you aren’t in the room with your baby on a trip, you’ll want to keep tabs. This compact monitor offers all the luxury of expensive home monitors, but for a low price and is small enough to travel with

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11) Oogaa Baby Silicone Bowl with Lid: 

Get yours HERE!

These silicone bowls are microwavable, oven safe, freezer safe, unbreakable and AMAZING for travel. The lid (possibly the best part) is easy to put on and stays on!  We like to bring ours on-the-go with freshly cut fruit for a long road trip with baby or a day of touring around.  You can bake in them, refrigerate them, microwave leftovers, etc.  This is one of the baby travel essentails because the lid allows you to pack prepared snacks your bag or, if you’re like us, to bring home left overs from the restaurant. LOL!

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12) Earth Mama Organics Baby Travel Toiletry Kit:

Get yours HERE!

Earth Mama is a company founded on the belief that Earth is our pharmacy. All of their products are non-toxic, all natural and organic. I LOVE Earth Mama & this little travel kit is perfect for babies & toddlers alike. The kit comes with Baby Wash, Nose/Face Balm, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil and the AMAZING Diaper Balm (my absolute favorite cream for diaper rash). This particular kit comes with the reusable PVC free travel bag; protecting your baby and your luggage all at once!

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13) Braided Leather Pacifier Clip:

Get yours HERE!

I normally wouldn't be such a diva about something like a Pacifier clip, but these are amazing.  They can get wet, the clips stay tight and they are very durable.  We have lost too many pacifiers while traveling and these help us keep track!  We attach them to baby in the morning and voila! No more lost paci!

PSST, if you’re using MAM Pacifiers, you can get these to attach them to this clip.

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14) Waterproof Travel Bag (AKA Wet Bag):

Get yours HERE!

WET BAGS ARE LIFE when you have kids. These bags are big enough to hold several spare outfits (for TWO kids), they clip easily to the stroller or diaper bag, they are machine washable, and of course, they are waterproof.  I have put a lot of miles on our bag.  It's saved us after MANY blowouts, an unexpected discovery museum water incident, and many spills and accidents that left my kids clothes soaked or nasty.  The little strap hook makes it convenient to attach to a stroller or diaper bag too.

Travel with Kids Pro-Tip: pack the a spare outfit in the bag when traveling with a baby and then you can switch the clean/soiled clothes later. This gives you more space in your diaper bag!

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15) Snooze Shade

Get yours HERE!

When you’re sharing a room with your baby on the road, you don’t want to be trapped creeping around with the lights off at 7 pm. Get good sleep when your on vacation with a baby, get a light blocking shade. This snooze shade slips over your travel crib and gives the baby a nice dark space to sleep. Go ahead and add this to your must have baby items travel list and you can thank me later for your extra sleep!

If your baby is already pulling up to standing, try the Slumber Pod instead. This gives baby more head room to stand.

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Be confident when you travel with a baby. Whether it’s your first trip with a baby or your traveling with a toddler and an infant, these products will make your trip exponentially easier. Get better sleep, a better napper, a better eater and a better travel experience with the right tools.

As always, we love your feedback!! What are your MUST HAVE travel products for traveling with a baby? 

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An easy guide to the baby travel essentials. Traveling with a baby doesn’t need to be overwhelming, so the next time you travel with a baby, be sure to snag some items that will make your trip easier. Our guide will walk you through what you need when traveling with a baby. #travelwithbaby #babyravelessentials
An easy guide to the baby travel essentials. Traveling with a baby doesn’t need to be overwhelming, so the next time you travel with a baby, be sure to snag some items that will make your trip easier. Our guide will walk you through what you need when traveling with a baby. #travelwithbaby #babyravelessentials

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